The Best Places and Outfitters to Hunt Whitetail Deer

Whether you are new to deer hunting or a veteran of the sport, you definitely need to know good locations in which you can spend a few days doing what you like best. Such locations are not as numerous as one could think, although their sheer number is quite impressive and growing. Whitetail deer hunting has been captivating hunters all over North America for centuries. From south Florida all the way up to North Alberta, this hearty animal continues to flourish because of hunters who practice herd management and conservation.

What makes good hunting place for whitetail

A good hunting place should be a ranch with decent to high-standard accommodations, surrounded by as many acres of hunting ground as possible. Also, and probably the most important aspect it must meet is having many fully grown deer, with huge antlers and body size (if you are looking for trophy animals). Knowing how to distinguish the poor locations from the good ones and the good from the downright excellent ones can be complicated if you don’t actually get to experience hunting in all of them. And that is ridiculous and absurd to even think about; what you can do, though, is read reviews on different locations to find the ones that offer the best conditions and opportunities.

Alberta, Canada and the lands nearby

A renowned region in which hundreds of hunters gather each season in Alberta, Canada, and the lands nearby. If you are a trophy hunter then you should consider the Trophy Hunters Alberta resort, which is located in southwest and south-central Alberta and has a hunting area of about 20,000 square miles that includes both private and public properties.


Also, another good trophy deer resort is Alberta Native Guide Service where you have an opportunity at a quality size whitetail buck (140 plus), and to get accommodated in Alberta’s most successful lodging place of its kind. Lastly, one more choice caught our eyes in the province of Alberta and that is Udell’s Guiding & Outfitting, where hunts are conducted using spot and stalk or stand hunting to intercept the deer coming to and from the bedding and feeding areas.

South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is a pilgrimage target for deer hunting fans all over the United States, and this is a consequence of the high-quality hunting ranches and farms that can be found here. One of them is the Paradise Valley Hunt Club, which offers the longest deer hunting season in the United States (from August 15th to January 1st) and excellent opportunities on 22 different tracks.

South Carolina

A distinctive lodge is the Bostick Plantation, which offers over 10,000 managed acres and all of the Southern hospitality while hunting for trophy whitetails. Another excellent hunting lodge is the Hidden Valley Whitetail Hunt Club which is a low end, reasonably priced with limited hunters to assure a top getaway and hunt with miles of land, top stand – both ladder and ground, and deluxe accommodations.

State of Montana

Also, a great “collector” of quality hunting locations and lodges is the state of Montana and the areas in its vicinity. Here we find the Montana High Country Outfitters, which has a beautiful hunting lodge with excellent conditions and offers the trophy whitetail deer hunt of a life on over 500,000 acres of the spectacular Cabinet Districts of the Kootenai National Forest in Northwest Montana.


Next, we find the Kootenai High Country Hunting, Inc, with its fine accommodations and services, while engaging you in a trophy Whitetail Deer hunt in the beautiful Kootenai High Country. With over 75,000 acres of private land that we lease for hunting purposes and 50,000 acres of National Forest, the J&J Guide Service provides a beautiful area, comfortable accommodations and delicious meals along with a family atmosphere.

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