How much should you spend on a Crossbow?

The archery crossbow was first used by the Chinese back in 6 BC for hunting and protection during war time. They were not brought to England until thousands of years later. This was due to the slow reloading of the weapon compared to the long bow which could be shot and reloaded about five times faster. But the cross bow was extremely accurate and could outdistance the long bow by a couple of hundred yards. Because of the archery crossbow being so accurate (like shooting a rifle), it is outlawed in many states during hunting season. With one exception, the handicapped are allowed to use them with a special permit.

Crossbows and their equipment

Crossbows and their equipment is much like that of regular archery equipment. There are a few exceptions, like the arrows, which are called bolts and are shorter in length. They carry the same impact as the compound bow but they lose their speed after about 30 to 40 yards.

This could mean a drop in the bolt of up to one foot at 40 yards, where most modern compound bows might have only an inch drop at the same yardage. But, the cross bow is much easier to use when accuracy comes into effect, especially when they have a scope mounted to their cross bow. It is not hard for them to hold a group of arrows or bolts to a 2 inch circle at 30 yards. Try that with a regular bow and you are lucky to hold a 6 inch group.

Crossbows and their equipment

Crossbows and handycap hunting go hand in hand

After a couple of years, when my dad discovered he had Parkinson’s disease, he was unable to pull his compound bow back. But he was so bull headed he refused to use the archery crossbow. I tried to convince him to, so we could enjoy the hunt together, but it all worked out probably much better when he started going out hunting with my two sons when they were very young.

He taught both of them many archery deer hunting tips and tricks that helped them progress by years experience in a matter of a couple of hunting seasons. Handicap hunting with the crossbow go hand and hand, and I respect that. If it can get another child or elderly person out into the out of doors and away from all the hassle of the big city or the boredom of everyday life, it is very well worth it.

My friend Randy B

My friend, Randy B. has a crippled hand and does not have the strength to pull back a bow and arrow. Many people with this condition have to go to the state they live in and get the permit before they are able to purchase a hunting license. Randy enjoys archery hunting and the outdoors as much as I do, and now is able to continue his outdoor adventures, all due to the archery crossbow. He has taught me most of what I know about crossbows, and the need for them. The desire to still be able to archery hunt can now be a pleasure to him once again.

How much should you spend on a crossbow?

When and if you ever need to purchase a crossbow for the sport of archery, I once again suggest to you not to go cheap, this will only cost you more in the long run. Stay with the more reliable manufacturers. Some suggestions are Excalibur, Fred Bear and Ten Point. Some of these archery crossbow packages include everything you need to seriously hunt and be outfitted with high quality hunting and archery equipment and can cost around $1500.

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