7 Important Ground Blind Hunting Tips

In today’s post, I’ll be going over some important ground blind hunting tips. Ground blinds are basically a form of camouflage which is utilized by hunters to hide their presence from game as they wait for their prey.  Ground blinds works best if hunters are unable to completely take advantage of the immediate natural surroundings of their hunting grounds due to lack of elements necessary for an effective camouflage or blind.

Ground Blind Hunting Tips

The good news is that ground blinds are now made better as compared years back. The quality of fabrics has become better, the camouflage patterns are more diverse and realistic as well as its rugged appearance and roominess. Back then, hunters have to be content with establishing ragged blinds out of their natural surroundings. When utilizing ground blinds, there are a number of things that you have to take into account:

Site Selection

This is important because as much as possible, you want to set up your ground blind in the most optimal spot possible. For you to be able to find the best place, you have to scout your hunting grounds and be familiar or at least have an idea where and how your prey moves about. The next thing that you have to accomplish is to find areas that can grant natural concealment. These places would be the best place to setup your ground blind and keep in mind that you have to eliminate sky lining though there are times where setting up ground blinds in the open works.

Site Selection

You also have to consider the sun’s position during the day because as much as possible; you do not want it hindering your sight when you are already waiting for your game. Try not to face east during the morning since that is where the sun rises and can make it difficult for you to properly aim. Remember that you are aiming to get successful results than marginal ones.

Weapon of Choice

Before you even setup your ground blind, you also have to consider your hunting weapon. If you will be using a bow and arrow or a crossbow then it is important that you setup your ground blind close to where your prey usually wanders which can be a maximum of 45 yards while having a high percentage of concealment. On the other hand, if you will be using a rifle, you can go farther away from your target without having to worry too much about concealment, provided that you know where your game will be and your ground blind would not be hindering your aim.

Preparation and Noises

Noises travel faster in the quiet morning and with this in mind, blinds being sold in the market having zippers and Velcro can potentially create unnecessary noises which can disturb the wildlife around you and give away your location. The best way to neutralize this concern is by setting the ground blind windows and mesh like how you would like to hunt the next day the night before.

If you will be hunting in the late afternoon then preparing and setting up the blind several hours earlier is a good idea. Hunting until dark is also an option and if you plan to film your progress, then setting up a tripod by the window is a good start. Chairs, heater, shooting stick and other accessories should be prepared beforehand so as to keep the chances of creating unnecessary noises in crucial moments minimal.

If you plan to hunt the morning after then you also have the option of leaving the same setup the night before. Using an unscented lip balm and running it up and down zippers is advisable to lessen the noise it creates when being run up and down.

Into the Hunt

Once everything is properly set up, you will realize that there is not much to do other than wait for your game to wander around the vicinity. However, make sure that your pack is placed in a spot where you can easily access its pockets in case you need to get some items fast and conveniently. This should also be a spot where you can conveniently lean your rifle or bow or crossbow especially when you are hunting. Wearing your range finder around your neck and tucked into a vest pocket is advisable the same as with your binoculars which you will need in case you need to see far away distances.

Ground Blind All Set Up

Eating and/or Drinking in the Blind

Always remember this particular rule when you are in the blind and if you are going to eat and or drink: refrain from creating noises. Remove all the noisy wrappers from their packaging and place them inside zip lock bags that are designed with sliding closures. This is done so that when you are already waiting for your prey and you want to eat something, you will not have a hard time getting them, let alone, create noise while you get them. At the same time, sliders do not create much noise and will not give you a hard time when you are trying to open them even if you are wearing gloves in each hand.

Also refrain from eating crackers while you are wearing your binoculars around your neck because there is a tendency that some of the crackers’ crumbs may fall on the lens of the binoculars which can interfere with its function when you use it at a crucial time. In addition to this, do not bring bottled water because they tend to create noises since they are made out of plastic. If you will be bringing bottled water, use the Gatorade bottle but make sure that you remove the seal on it prior so as not to create noise when you drink from it.

Ground Blind Accessories

Some seasoned hunters prefer to include a swivel chair as part of their ground blind accessories when they buy bow hunting equipment. The reason for this is because it makes it easier for the hunter to relax and still be able to do a 360 turn if necessary without the need to make an effort looking around. This lessens the chance of making physical motion that can potentially be detected from outside the blind. Armrests can also serve as places where you can hang bags where your food and water is contained or anything that you need to have quick access to such as wind checkers, mobile phone, cover scent and the like.

Swivel Chair as part of your Ground Blind Accessories


In cases wherein you need to leave the blind not because you were successful in your hunt then you may want to wait for the time when there is no game wandering about the area. Do so in a stealthy fashion and make sure to only bring the things you need when going out and leave the rest inside the ground blind. In cases you will be returning the next morning, only close the bottom zipper on the entrance provided that the ground blind has a “V” shape entrance.

This serves two purposes; keeps you from making additional effort in unzipping an additional zipper in the morning and two, simply closing the bottom portion ensures that there is no chance for a small animal to enter your ground blind and surprise you the next day when you get back in it.

Final Thoughts

Archery and hunting is not just about getting the best bow hunting deals. It is also about how to best take advantage of the surrounding area and setting up a base of operations. Hopefully my ground blind hunting tips will help some of you out in finding the best blind for your needs! If you’re still unsure, check out John’s best ground blinds post on his Deer Hunting Guide blog.

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