Getting the Most out of the 2021 Bowhunting Season

The bow hunting season of the year 2021 is just around the corner and yet there are some bow hunters who are lacking in preparation. Some of these people are not even taking their time in examining the condition of their gear or if they have complete gear before they go out on the field. There are some who do not even make time to practice their craft and do not consider the possibility of changes in their usual hunting grounds.

There are a number of important factors that should be considered when preparing for this year’s bow hunting season.

Improve your form

It is important for every aspiring bow hunter as well as seasoned bow hunters to continuously work on improving and maintaining their form. Proper form goes a long way when it comes to improving your shooting accuracy. Bowhunters, both starters, and veterans should find time in disciplining themselves to have the proper form such as keeping their feet shoulder width apart from one another.

Improve your form

The bowhunter should also ensure that he or she is holding the bow properly and drawing with the elbow held up high when it comes to a full draw. The head should not remain firm. By consistently practicing in keeping your form, it will eventually become automatic and will help improve your shooting accuracy.

Maintain your equipment

While a lot of seasoned bowhunters and aspiring bow hunters are willing to shell out money when it comes to purchasing bow hunting equipment as well as other archery supplies, a number of these people fail at maintaining their equipment. It is important for every bowhunter to constantly check on his or her equipment and give them proper maintenance. Months of constant use can loosen some of the parts of the bow. Make sure that the bowstrings are regularly waxed and that you check your equipment for any cracks and chips.

Maintain your equipment


Starting bow hunters often use field points as their bow’s ammunition and the thing is that once starting bow hunters switch from field points to broadheads, they will suddenly find their aim a bit off than before. This is because the way broadheads are designed is different from how field points are designed and there will always be a change in aerodynamics. This is why tuning your bow to accommodate broadheads and practicing with it a lot is recommended. This will eventually allow the bowhunter to shoot both field points and broadheads without much problem.


Study your prey

Observing and studying your prey is essential when it comes to bowhunting. This helps you understand your target more and how it will behave in various situations and locations. It is paramount that you study and learn your target’s habits, habitat, and behavior. Doing so will also help build your confidence and make the bowhunting experience more enjoyable for you.

Study Your Prey


Do not limit yourself to staying indoors and trying to hit immobile objects. Practice as if you are actually hunting. This means wearing gear that you would be wearing on the actual hunt and hunting at the time that you would actually hunt when you are hunting real-time.

Practice your aim with a target

Try practicing hitting your target on an elevated position and or other difficult or awkward position. Try getting used to aiming while you are kneeling because this helps hide your presence when you are on the actual hunt. Practicing in this manner will give you information as to how you should approach the same scenario in the future. Do this on a regular basis until you get used to trying to shoot an arrow at a target while the weight of your hunting gear is affecting your aim.

Scout Ahead

Do not assume that the spot you were positioning yourself a year ago would still be a good spot to hunt your target. Various factors can potentially make different hunting areas unfavorable through the course of the year and at the same time, improve other spots which used to be bad places to position yourself at. Do this before bow hunting season and after the season to see how you can adjust to the next season. Being intimately familiar with your hunting ground is a great advantage when it comes to becoming a successful bow hunter.

Scout Ahead

Be patient

Not everyone is blessed with the virtue of patience but when it comes to bow hunting, it cannot be stressed how important being patient is. Being able to take down your first game may take a while as well as being able to master everything about bowhunting such as proper maintenance, posture, as well as aiming. Always keep in mind that there are a lot of bow hunters out there who may appear seasoned but they still have a lot to learn with regard to their craft and they continue to do so be like them. Do not give up.

Never give up accuracy for speed

There are bows built for speed but when you are a starting bow hunter, it is more important to have an accurate shot and even if your aim has improved, giving up accuracy over speed is still not worth it. A fast arrow does not always guarantee a successful hit however an accurate aim does.

Scent Control

Never underestimate your prey. Animals’ senses are far keener than human’s and this means that they are more likely to sense your presence through the way you move through the hunting grounds as well as through your scent. And if they can detect your presence before you can even get close to them then you will not be able to take down any game. The good news is that there are accessories that can help neutralize a human’s scent or a strong scent that can give away your position. Sprays and soaps can also be alternatives to hide your scent.

Wind Direction

You should always take the wind into account when you are trying to aim at your prey. It can affect the aerodynamics of your arrow and at the same time, give away your position to your game since it can blow your scent to an unwanted direction.

Hunting Partner

There is nothing wrong in hunting on your own but at the same time; it can be exciting to hunt with someone else. It is important that you and your partner trust each other when it comes to hunting. Having a partner when your hunting can be beneficial because you two can switch roles when it comes to acting as decoys or distractions. It will also be easier to cover each other’s back and at the same time track a single prey especially when the terrain can be difficult to traverse.

Hunting Partner

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