From the Mind of a Bowhunting Woman

I think I learn something new every time we go hunting. While on our turkey hunt I asked Todd what he thinks about when he gets in his tree stand or ground blind while he waits to see or hear whatever we are hunting. I’m not sure why I’ve never asked him before but it was quite interesting to find out how differently our minds work. So his answer was “I think it’s about to happen any moment or he’s about to walk out over and over again”. Which is so very different from how I think!

The state of mind I’m in when I’m hunting

I’m making lists in my head of what I have to do, what I need to buy, and any other random thought that I could possibly have. Until I hear the sound of a stick snap or see the smallest movement in the distance. Then my mind stops, time seems to stand still for just a split second, my heart starts pounding so loud that I usually realize I’m holding my breath and my hands start shaking.

Me and My Compound Bow

Then I begin to tell myself to breathe and calm down. If I don’t see or hear anything after about 15 minutes my mind goes back to listing. If I do keep hearing or seeing something I have to tell myself over and over to breathe and calm down. If I’m hunting alone I start ranging and re-ranging every tree, bush, or anything else that I can use to range for any possible scenario.

Finding the right shooting position

If I’m hunting with Todd I’m asking him to range that tree or how far to that opening. I get nervous and excited and start talking to the animal not out loud but in my head, I’m saying come on, please walk out, show yourself. I start visualizing shooting the animal and asking myself questions. If he walks there am I in the right seating position? Or can I get into shooting position quietly? If not I start adjusting my chair, my body, my bow, any and everything to get the most comfortable shot.

If I’m not comfortable with my position I will not be confident and more than likely make a poor shot. I will admit even after I go through all of this and I’m sitting in position with an arrow knocked my mind will sometimes go back to listing if too much time has gone by without seeing or hearing anything. I know that seems quite hard to believe but I feel like that’s how I stayed interested.

My mind goes into hunting mode

Me, todd and a Hunting Blind

My mind goes into hunting mode as soon as I hear or see anything and when I’m not seeing or hearing anything my mind is on standby making lists. Maybe it’s a way of not having a constant adrenaline rush but I don’t know, it’s just the way that it is for me. All in all, it doesn’t really seem to be a problem, it’s just very different from the way Todd’s mind works. I don’t know if it’s the same for all women hunters but I thought it was interesting how different my mind is working when Todd and I are in the blind together.

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