Choosing the Best Crossbow For Beginners

Crossbows are considered one of the oldest weapons that is still being used in various parts of the world. If you’ve researched the history of crossbows, you will see the big evolution it has underwent throughout the years. Taking a look at the modern crossbow at the market today and comparing it to the traditional or the medieval crossbows, you can really say that they have changed a lot.

The use of crossbow these days is no longer limited to just a weapon. As of today, there are lots of people who are having a great time using a crossbow for their hunting trips, while others are shooting crossbows just for target practice and there are even crossbow collectors out there.

If you are one of the people who are interested in getting a crossbow, then it would be much better if you know the basics of crossbows. With the knowledge and the accurate information that you will have, you will be able to choose the right crossbow.

How to Choose a Crossbow

Below we discuss some essential information you should know about crossbows before you consider purchasing one.

Types of Crossbows

You must understand that there are a lot of different models, styles and versions of crossbows on the market. The three main types are recurve, compound, reverse limb crossbows.

Recurve Crossbow
Recurve Crossbow
Compound Crossbow
Compound Crossbow
Reverse Limb Crossbow
Reverse Limb Crossbow

Each of those types of crossbows have pros and cons. Which type of crossbow you prefer might even depend of the type of shooting you might do. Target shooting is much more relaxed and you can just as easy use a recurve crossbow as a compound crossbow. If you’re hunting in densely forested areas, a narrow compound crossbow is a much better choice then.

Materials Used to Make Crossbows

There are also different materials that are used in making a crossbow, which is also very important for you to know before you make any purchase of your own crossbow. There are crossbows that are made from wood, aluminum, and alloy or from the new ones that are manufactured from the high-end carbon type of materials. Each of the mentioned materials has their respective traits that make them different from each other.

Basic Crossbow Features

There are several basic crossbow features that you must know before purchasing your own crossbow. Size, weight and speed are a couple of features you might want to think about before purchasing a crossbow. If you will be using the crossbow for your hunting trips, then a crossbow that is portable and lightweight is the best choice for you to make. Picking a lightweight type of crossbow for your hunting trip will allow you to move more comfortably and freely.

Hunting with a crossbow
Hunting with a crossbow

Cost of a Crossbow

Finally, determine a price that you’d like to spend on your crossbow. Crossbows can cost anywhere from $250 for a basic entry level crossbow and up to $5000 for a crossbow that even has features like an automatic range finder and digital scope, like the TenPoint crossbows with Garmin X1i scopes, or an electric cocking mechanism like the new 2021 Ravin crossbows.

You should also note that you need some accessories after your initial crossbow purchase. Most crossbows come with a complete set of arrows, lube and a sling, but cheaper options often don’t include those accessories and you’ll need to purchase them separately. If you plan on going on a hunting trip, you should also get some broadheads as they will almost guarantee a clean kill.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully this quick intro to crossbows will help you in choosing the best crossbow for you and your use. With the help of the information above, you are guaranteed to come up with a decision that you will not regret. If you are unable or unwilling to do your own research, Forgotten Hunter has posted a very detailed guide on the best crossbows currently available.

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