Bowhunting: Mechanical or Fixed Broadheads?

Hunting is one of those sports which can not be practiced in every country. Certain parts in the world do not have the facilities in which hunting can be practiced freely. One country where hunting is seen as a great leisure activity is in the United States of America. Those that are new to the sport of hunting tend to generalize it as one sport. In actual fact, the sport of hunting is known to be branched into various small categories. The one at which we are going to take a look at today is archery; traditional bow and arrow hunting.

Even though many people are usually known to generalize the sport of hunting to be the same, in actual fact, there are different ways by which a person can go hunting. The one that we are going to take a look at today is using a bow and arrow.

Mechanical Broadheads Gaining in Popularity

The bow is not as important as the arrow it self. The reason being is that it is the arrow which will actually act as the killing weapon when hunting your prey. In previous years, it was quite common for many people to stick to fixed broadheads as at that time; there was no other to choose from. In the current modern day, many hunters have however moved to mechanical broadheads instead and rightly so.

Mechanical Broadhead

What does make a difference however is the broadhead that is used for attacking the prey. There are two different types of broadheads that can be used to kill your prey. These are commonly referred to as a fixed or mechanical broadhead. In recent years, there has been a lot of debate as to which broadhead is more effective than the other.

Pros of Using Mechanical Broadheads

We are going to take a look at why mechanical broadheads have taken over the traditional fixed broadheads; and whether the change has really been for the better.

The mechanical broadhead is known to have a number of advantages in comparison to a fixed broadhead. One of the first advantages that you can expect to gain with a mechanical broadhead is the accuracy that it has to offer. The four point fixed blade which can be altered in angle, is known to have a much firmer grip in comparison to a fixed broadhead. This ensures that killing your target with a clean kill is much easier.

Rage Mechanical Broadhead

Following on from the previous feature, the mechanical broadhead is also known to cause a larger wound than a traditional fixed broadhead. This ensures that regardless of where the prey is hit, 99% chances are that the prey will fall dead immediately. On average, a mechanical broadhead is able to cause a wound of about one to two inches.

Where to Buy Mechanical Broadheads?

If you are looking to buy either a mechanical or fixed broadhead, the best place to look would be online. At the current moment in time, there are a large number of online stores that are offering various types of hunting equipment including both types of broadheads as well.

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