An Introduction to Archery Hunting Equipment

Archery is at least as old as the oldest of civilizations in our history. In fact, evidence of the use of bows and arrows can found going back to 9,000 BC. Today, archery is mostly a matter of going out after game animals, which is why it’s nice to know something about archery hunting equipment and supplies.

Archery in the United States

As a sport, archery hunting is as popular as it ever was. In fact, hunting for most game animals – at least in the United States and most of North America – can be divided into two seasons; the one that allows the use of a gun, and the other that allows only use of bows and arrows.

Hunting in the USA

There’s practically no limit to the types of game animals that can be hunted with any one of several different bow variants, including crossbows, longbows, and compound bows, to name just a few weapons types. A particularly interesting type of archery hunting is using a bow and arrow to go after fish. It’s a certainty that this variation of fishing is a historically recent phenomenon.

Archery Hunting Equipment

In its most basic forms, archery hunting requires only a few things. First of all, an archer will need some form of bow and arrow. Which sort of bow is used can be a matter of personal preference or can be dependent upon the size and type of the animal being hunted.

Compound Bow

Compound bows, which use a system of pulleys to allow an archer to pull much more bow draw weight than would normally be the case with a longbow, are popular hunting weapons these days. They’re also easier to aim.

Archery Hunter

Classic Longbow

Some tradition-minded archers prefer the classic longbow, though, whose design hasn’t changed much since the 13th century, when it made its first appearance on the battlefield. Though it didn’t feature use of the longbow, the tide of the battle of Hastings, in 1066, was turned when King Harold II was shot through the eye by an archer wielding a short bow of about 4 feet in length. This can give you an idea of the effectiveness of the bow throughout history, both as a weapon of war and as a hunter’s favored tool for much of our past.

Traditional Longbow


Hunting using a bow and an arrow also required that the right kind of arrow be used, given the kind of animal to be brought down. Arrows can come in a variety of shaft lengths and thicknesses, along with specific kinds of arrowheads, or tips. Take care to select arrows with care and an eye toward the quality and straightness of the shaft.


An archer on the hunt will also require at least a general purpose quiver or arrow holder, generally, for his supply of bolts or arrows. Target archery doesn’t normally make use of these devices, but it’s a poor hunter indeed who goes very far afield without a supply of arrows readily at hand.

Compound Bow & Quiver

Arm Guard

Lastly, general-purpose protective equipment such as gloves or even a six or twelve-inch armguard might be needed, depending on the draw weight of a bow and its string. The string can deliver a fearsome snap to the inside of the forearm if not pulled and shot properly. All these items taken together can supply most of the archery hunting equipment any sportsman will need for a successful hunt.

Archery Arm Guard

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