My passion for the outdoors started at a very young age. I remember shooting cans in my back yard with my dad; he would help me pump the pellet pistol and give me play-by-play instructions on how to shoot it. When I would hear the ‘ting’ of the pellet hitting the steel can, yes they were steel back then, it gave me such a sense of accomplishment. A few years later he would let me go hunting with him, I would carry a BB rifle and he carried his bigger than life 12 gauge thunder stick. I remember walking through the thick stalks of freshly cut Milo, it challenged my little legs with every step trying to keep up with him. All of the sudden it happened, the Britney went on point, everything went still, then the cackle of the rooster pheasant filled the air…boom…”hunt dead, hunt dead”. I loved it, the hunt, the excitement, and the outdoors.

As I grew up I became interested in other types of hunting but especially bow hunting; but never had anyone to teach me how or a place to hunt. One year that all changed and everything seemed to fall into place. Made a couple new friends who were avid bow hunters and they showed me the ropes and took me out several times. I then reconnected with a childhood friend who was instrumental in my passion for bow hunting and helped me harvest my first buck. We were in the woods for about three hours and the sun was starting to set behind us. There was a rustle of dead leaves, then out came the biggest buck I had ever seen. He came up from the creek bottom to my left and started walking broadside from left to right. How far? I hadn’t the slightest idea, I was shaking so bad I thought I was sure to fall out of the tree. How big? Like I said the biggest buck I had ever seen, later scored him at a whopping 110¾ inches, but to me he was a giant. I drew back my beginners bow, sited him in and rainbowed that big fat aluminum arrow right behind his shoulder. He took off like he was shot out of a cannon and my heart rate didn’t slow down for what seemed like a day. Ever since then my personalized vehicle license plate has said BUCKFVR.

I subscribed to the magazines, watched the hunting shows, bought the DVD’s and tried to learn everything I could about bow hunting strategies. After that first buck I upgraded my bow, my arrows, increased my practice time because I knew I was hooked. To this day I have never killed that huge Booner that is a “new potential state record” and I’m okay with that. I get more enjoyment from being in the outdoors with my friends and family and letting the day-to-day life escape me for that brief moment. Cliché, perhaps, but when I am in the outdoors observing nature I am able to truly relax, enjoy and appreciate all aspects of life. So, I was having one of these Zen moments when I decided to start ParkerBowsGear.com. You hear about people who do what they love and love what they do. Those people are a rare breed, but I wanted to become one. I received the unconditional support from my family that I have come to love and appreciate and so it began.

The one thing I want to accomplish with the ParkerBowsGear.com Blog is to have a site that has a little bit of everything bow hunting for every kind of bow hunter. I created a blog page to educate those who are just starting bow hunting and to entertain the wily veterans of the sport. There are stories, tributes and anecdotes by several different writers. I have also added a weekly poll question to get the pulse of those who love to bow hunt. Next is the forum page, this page allows registered users to post questions to each other, share product reviews, and share bow hunting strategies that have worked for them. Everyone, and I mean everyone loves to show off their harvest, that is what the trophy room is for, bragging rights. Send a picture of your kill and we will post it, to me if you are able to harvest any animal with a stick and a string it’s a trophy. I especially like posting the pictures of the younger hunters; you can’t wipe the smiles off their face. Lastly is the advertising aspect of my website, this is to allow outfitters and manufacturers to advertise to their target market.

I hope you enjoy the ParkerBowsGear.com Blog as much as you enjoy the actual sport of bow hunting. Become a registered user, visit often and safe hunting.