7 Best Crossbow Hunting Tips!

Having archery as a hobby, particularly handling a crossbow is a rewarding experience when you are hunting. Before you purchase a lot of archery supplies, make sure you look at these crossbow hunting tips.

Best Crossbow Hunting Tips:

If you want to become one of those seasoned crossbow hunters then it is vital that you take your sport seriously. This means you have to have the desire to be good at it and do everything that you could possibly do to excel at the sport you chose to learn and enjoy. Below are some tips from seasoned cross-bow hunters that you should apply if you wish to become one of the best if not the best crossbow shooter across the world.

Use a Cocking Device

Even the first crossbow hunters utilized a cocking device to properly cock a crossbow bolt in their crossbows. Though at the end of the day it is up to the crossbowman if he or she finds pulling 150 pounds of draw weight inconvenient or something he or she is comfortable doing. In addition to drawing back a crossbow easier for most crossbowmen, utilizing a cocking device increases or at least maintains accuracy.

Use a Cocking Device

Like with drawings or paintings, you can never pull back the string of a bow the same way the second time. A little tension from either side is likely going to make a difference when it comes to your aim. Utilizing a cocking device ensures that the string is pulled back as to how it was last time.

Protect Your String

The string is one of the most important parts of your crossbow that is why you have to make effort in maintaining it. Checking it on a regular basis is highly recommended because this will let you know if it has dirt which creates friction and excessive wear. Cleaning the cables and strings after every practice session or hunting trip should be a habit.

Though every usage causes friction which can potentially lead to wear, it helps when you wax the string and lubricate your rail which should be done every 75-100 shots. Make sure that you use oil on the rails and to refrain from putting too much of it or else risk over-saturating it which can shorten its lifespan and never use petroleum jelly or wax on it when serving.

Replace Worn Out Strings And Cables

Every object created and designed by man would eventually need to be replaced and the same rule applies on cables and strings on crossbows. Though every seasoned crossbow man is aware of this, not all is proficient when it comes to knowing the best time to do so and the answer to this is more than a compound bow.

Keep in mind that when using a crossbow, you have a direct string-to-rail contact and in addition to this, it also experiences more friction and abrasion every time you use the crossbow to shoot a target. This means that as soon as you see the strings or cables starting to worn out, replace them right away.

Best Crossbow Hunting Tips

Professionals highly advise to replace strings, draw cords and or cables every other year if the crossbow is used often and only every three or four years if rarely used. If you change one, make sure that you change both because it can be confusing to keep track of replacements of strings and cables when each has a different time-frame.

Check Regulations

Every state has their own regulations when it comes to hunting and though it can be challenging to check each state’s laws, it is important that you do so to avoid breaking the law and being denied of your hobby or sport. Make it a point to find out in advance if crossbows are allowed and during what specific time or season or parts of a season.

Also verify what equipment are allowed to be used when you are hunting like for example, some regulations require different minimum draw weights for different game. There are also states that only allow mechanical heads while some do not. On the other hand, if you are unable to find something specific, you may want to check under “General Archery Equipment”.

Create A Stable Shooting Platform

Though cocking a cross-bow bolt then aiming for your target has better accuracy to some extent, your aim can still go off especially if you do not have a stable shooting platform. Just imagine trying to hold a heavy crossbow with both hands while waiting for an opportunity to strike down your prey. Tension can slowly build up on your arms especially if you have just recently started using a crossbow and this can negatively affect your form as well as your aim.

Create A Stable Shooting Platform

By giving it some sort of platform where it can rest on, your accuracy will not be sacrificed. Sticks, pods or  detachable monopods are good ways to help you keep a stable shooting platform. On the other hand, there are occasional crossbows for sale which comes with a detachable monopod. Keep in mind though that when you are using sticks or standard pods, make sure that no part of the pods or sticks interfere with the path of your string.

Utilize Proper Optics

Though crossbow men have the option to mount any sighting system it is highly recommended to purchase and mount a sighting system that is solely meant for crossbows Take note that scopes are often designed to be multi-reticle; having three dots or three horizontal crosshairs and are designed in this way so the sight the top reticle for 20 yards while the other two are fixated intervals that will be “on” at 30 and 40 yards.

Utilize Proper Optics

When utilizing higher speed crossbows, it would be better to utilize a multi-reticle scope so that the trajectory decrease is not that big. At the same time, it gives more precision especially when you are trying to hit a target that is far away. These days, some newer models are designed to have four crosshairs for super high speed bows with one allowing you to match the exact trajectory of your crossbow between 250-350 fps velocities.

Practice, Practice, Practice

A lot of hunters tend to stop practicing after hunting season and will only start practicing again a month or two or a few weeks before the start of the next hunting season. While there is nothing wrong with this, making it a habit to practice more often will greatly help you get used to handling crossbows.

It also helps build the muscles in your arms which can help when it comes to carrying a crossbow as well as help you get used to the tension it gives your arms which affects your aim. The more you are used to holding a crossbow and aiming it for a longer time period, the more you will perfect your aim despite the stress on your arms.

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